1. nightfox320

    Little At Disney Experiences

    So I had a thought recently, Whenever I go to Disney, especially the Magic Kingdom, I’m always hit with the little feels. However, seeing as I have always gone with family I have never been able to indulge my little side aside from snuggling with my plush in bed at night. I was wondering if...
  2. PufftheButt

    Disney World Questions!

    Hello~ I was wondering if any of you have attended Disney World in recent years or any other big amusement park? I know there is some threads on the topic but I think they are a little dated. While I'm asking 1000000000 questions, maybe we can start this thread to offer advice to any other...
  3. GoodnitesFan97

    What would you think if they update the Pull Ups for 2017

    Since Goodnites are getting newer graphics, should Pull Ups have the same treatment? I think every Winter i get awesome news about pull ups, and this year could be no exception. My predictions for updated graphics Learning Designs: Boys-Buzz Lightyear/Cars Girls-Rapunzel & Merida/Elena of...
  4. GoodnitesFan97

    New Goodnites Designs rumor

    I looked up the Google images and i saw an image of Goodnites and the company might make a new size XS, and new Iron Man graphics, would you think of new designs on XS, S-M, and L-XL for 2017? Here's the new package. My predictions for 2017 designs: XS: Boy- Spider Man Girl- Elena of Avalor...
  5. GoodnitesFan97

    Rapunzel(Disney)on Huggies Pull-Ups

    Who remembers the Disney character, Rapunzel on any of the girls Huggies Pull-Ups, she's from Tangled!
  6. BayB8

    AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

    I was watching the incredibles and a scene go me thinking. Towards the beginning when the kids are fighting at the table and they are arguing about being normal, Vi says, "The only one here that's normal is Jack Jack and he is still in diapers" Dash responds under his breath "Lucky". His...
  7. FeekaDimension

    JOURNEYS just released the BEST shoes for Littles

    OK maybe not the best ever but... Journeys Shoes carries a line of Disney shoes called the "Young at Heart" line and they are AMAZING... they have Disney characters all over them and the best part is that they are identical to the children's versions that they sell at Journey's Kids! They have...
  8. ABAlex2

    A Big Girl

    “But Daaa-ddddyyyy!!!” the red-headed girl whined, giving her best pout. “No, I already told you Kacey, the bunny is staying behind,” her ‘daddy,’ a tall blond haired and blue eyed man, said. She cuddle the stuffed bunny under her chin, kissing its head. “But he’s so cuddly and loving,” she...
  9. WearingClouds

    OMG I want all of them!

    Has anyone every seen these before? They look amazing! Anyone seen these before or know where I can get them at?? http://geekologie.com/2014/01/because-you-deserve-to-feel-like-a-princ.php ^__^
  10. CommanderCrayfish

    New GoodNites designs?

    So on the GoodNites site, it seems they've got new designs for S/M, and once again, they're going with Spider-Man and Tinkerbell. Now if only they'd refresh the L/XL design, it's been three years now... Spidey: Tinkerbell:
  11. D

    New diaper print! (pampers 1989 remake)

    Hi again! I tried to make somewhat of a replica of the 1989 disney babies print used by pampers. Pictures are not the same since the original ones are not available anywhere, but I tried my best to add similiar images. I do not own the pictures used in this print or gain profit from this, all ©...
  12. Lobie

    Wreck-It Ralph

    Is Disney finally trying to appeal to the audience that they once had? I can leave this quite simply, it looks to me like Disney may be trying to draw a lot of us "80s and 90s kids" back into the loop of their movies with one of their upcoming releases. Personally, I have watched this trailer...
  13. dldavedl

    My new Disney Clock

    I found this at a thrift store for only $1.75 and it keeps time well. http://www.adisc.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=6505&title=my-new-minnie-mouse-clock&cat=500
  14. Raccoon

    AB/DLism in popular culture

    Let's begin with the old classic: Baby Snatchers 0.o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CStfT8gCrjM