1. T

    The World

    Hey everyone! first off awesome community here, im new but love it so far. My question to the forum is do you all think that slowly ab/dl is becoming more common or accepted in the world? I am an optimist but I do believe it very slowly is. What are your thoughts or things you have seen that...
  2. AmberBulb95

    Dummy Talk

    I'm curious to see other's opinions on dummies (pacifiers). Do you use them? When do you use them? What's your favorite dummy? (Mine is my profile picture :D)
  3. betagame

    Fix the wiki article discussion forum

    ITS A DISCUSSION THREAD!!!!! not a "yo, check out my wiki article!!!! i cant post there:wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: only mods can post, thats just weak......
  4. betagame

    fixing the wiki article discussion | cant post in there/no replys/posting

    Its a DISCUSSION thread... not a "check out my wiki article" thread almost nobody can post in there, and i cant get feedback about my wiki articles. i cant even post in there :frown::frown: Edit: i bet theres about 7 people that can post in that thread[people can makes threads, NO REPLYS