1. inconsurferdude

    Getting over public changing embarrassment

    I've been wearing diapers during the day for almost a year (and was in pullups before that) but I still feel embarrassed anytime I change in public restrooms. At first I tried to always wait until the bathroom was empty, but of course that's not always practical. It's really easy to say you'll...
  2. Neet

    I Need Help! Finding New Diapers!

    As of late, I've been diaper shopping at the ABDLFactory site. While there is a fantastic selection, I am having trouble coming to a final decision. At the moment my metaphorical shopping cart includes ABU Space Diapers Tena Slip Maxi (if they're still any good) Forma care slip x-plus Molicare...
  3. D

    Interest inconsistency/Looking for a discrete diaper

    Hey everyone, I haven't really been on for a while(not as if I was ever really involved with the community or anything) but I might be back again lurking like I was before for a little bit and I also might get back to the story I was writing because people seemed to like it. I haven't been on...