1. Poofybutt

    The Obligatory Are They an ABDL? Post

    As the title says, I finally had an experience where I think some people I know and haven't told could be into ABDL or at least ABDL aware. I’ll start from the beginning. I was in the studio helping a friend of mine with her thesis project as we are required to do as part of our program. She is...
  2. LilStar

    Finally Not Procrastinating

    Hello everyone! Due to me being lazy/busy and not having time to post, here I am finally writing an intro. I'm a 20 year old transgirl, psychology major, little/ab, gamer, blogger and major procrastinator. Due to everything I do, its not exactly beneficial for me to procrastinate as much as I...
  3. tinycrinkles

    When did your ABDL interests begin?

    Hi everyone, this is a topic I'm sort of curious about and I'd love to hear what others may have to say on the matter, and I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I'm wondering when you first began to know you had a little side in you. For myself, I stopped wearing diapers at a (relatively)...
  4. InTheOtherWorld0412

    Parents found my nappy stash. I probably had this coming to me someday..

    I was having a late shower as I got up at 1pm. While my parents were out and came back, my dad went upstairs in my room to look at the pipes. I came back upstairs after my shower and found out my dad wasn't exactly happy with my room. Then I saw my drynites stash placed on the floor. I was...