1. M

    PlushCon Discord Invite

    I threw together a mixed-content discord for Plush-lovers. I hope I can code up a reddit r/videos scraper bot for the reddit-tv channel. Here you go: https://discord.gg/ncCU6hv Hopefully eventually I can ge a movie night going on rabb.it
  2. K

    Discord Server for enthusiasts.

    https://discord.gg/YKeFJzc We're starting a server for members of the fandom with more exotic interests. We use a coded question for marking your interests, when we ask your favorite OJ character say Krila for an interest in diaper play.
  3. K

    ADISCord's Theme

    I am rarely on this forum. Mainly it's because I am on the Discord for ADISC, which was recently nicknamed ADISCord. However, I've noticed a common theme throughout that has really irked me. It's all Adult-Baby themed. I get it that ADISC is an support group for AB's, but it's also a support...
  4. EvanNibbler

    Discord Server Link?

    Accidentally closed out the banner at the top of the website and now I can't seem to find a valid invite link :laugh: Can someone post the invite link here? Thanks!
  5. Dragon of Shadows

    Suggestion 2 new channels for discord

    would it be possible to add 2 channels 1 voice 1 text for computer chat because the main chat gets flooded with computer chat and nothing else gets talked about because its bulldozed
  6. Tylexon

    Help Request Discord Server

    I noticed a question about the new discord server.. but I can't actually find it... I did search and didn't give any result that helped... Could someone point me in the right direction please.