1. tiny

    Abena M4/L4 plastic-backed no longer available in UK?

    I just went to stock up on plastic-backed Abena M4s, and couldn't find a single shop that still has them. Even Save Express! Have these gone out of production (again)? Does anyone know where I can get some delivered to the UK?
  2. TyphaHare

    Comficare replacement! (MyDiaper)

    Okay, so Comficare is no more, and Crinklz has turned into the new Betterdry version, too.. This is a bit of a pickle for me because I reeeeeally loved those diapers >_<! Comficare was my hands-down favourite! Also, Crinklz don't really even crinkle anymore :( Then my second fave, Tena Slip...
  3. neonnoodle

    Discontinued Pacifiers

    It's always been hard to find baby pacifiers that fit an adult mouth, but to my surprise the new Avent Advanced 6-18m pacifiers are just the thing. They have a large shield with a winged orthodontic nipple that feels huge in the mouth. They're not super babyish, for us non-ABs out there, but...
  4. WearingClouds

    Terrible new from XP MEDICAL

    I was on xpmedical.com and saw that the Tena Sip Maxis are discontinued and they are finishing what's left of their stock. Compared to bambino where I usually go to as a second option for TSMs, XP med. is by far cheaper. Heads up if you need to stock up on these beauties before they run out...
  5. turtleie

    GN Boxers discontinued???

    Okay... I went against th advice I got in my other thread just to satisfy my curiosity, and I went to wal mart to buy some goodnites boxers. They didn't have them, so I went to target. They didn't have them either. So after going to 2 more stores, I gave up and just bought the regular ones. Are...