1. Jonjon

    Crime & Punishment

    Littles, unfortunately, are not good all the time. At times, we don't listen, we talk back, we run off, and we even break things. How does your Big address such misbehaviour?
  2. D


    I am daddy seek adult baby
  3. B

    My Family

    (Before an official start, please know there is graphic content, so Mommies, Daddies, and naughty AB's up passed sleepy time, reader discretion is advised. :P ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER~~~1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The day started off as a cold, dismal Thursday. Which is weird...
  4. A

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi. Name's Astabellle- 'Asta' or 'Belle' for short. I'm a Texas boy looking for some friends and maybe some playmates. I really like art, music(Rock, if you're wondering- metal and Visual Kei included), video games (mostly RPGs), literature, writing, beauty, makeup, and going out and having fun...
  5. PCBaby

    spanking and age play

    I have noticed in one or two of the role play introductions that people put down they won't accept discipline from caregivers or won't accept a spanking. I just wondered what other people thought about the issue and more to the point how do they feel about it in terms of age play and...