1. J

    What’s the longest you’ve stayed in a poopy diaper?

    What’s the longest time you’ve spent in a poopy diaper? I spent about an hour in one once and my mom came home and I had to rush and change or I would’ve stayed in it all day!
  2. Snaps

    Public Toilets: do you use them?

    Personally i hate public toilets. The ones that i seem to come across look like the last person to urinate had a seizure while they were peeing. Like today, at school i really had to go the the bathroom so i went into one of the lesser used toilets hoping that t would be clean. It wasn't. I...
  3. Pramrider

    Doorstep Diaper Service

    How many of you remember the cloth diaper services that used to operate in most urban areas? I say *remember* because I don't know if any still exist with the vast majority of households using disposables in the US. They were still around in Baltimore as late as the mid-1970s because a friend of...