diapers are awesome

  1. M

    Look for narrators

    am tiring to make ABDL audiobooks if you want to if want to narrate and get paid let me konw
  2. JaysonTheRegressor

    If you could wear any diaper, which one would you wear?

    If you had the choice to wear ANY diaper that has ever existed and have it fit (Anything from vintage pampers to today's adult diapers even), which one would you wear?
  3. M

    Hello-o-o-o I'm excited to be back on the site

    Hi everyone, my name is chris. I'm 24 years old buuut I might as well be 4. Big fan of diapers and pacifiers. ( currently rocking an M4 Abena and my littleforbig.com Gen 1 pacifier). I'm a big kid at heart. I came here with the hope of making friends, ANyone can feel free to shoot me a...
  4. A

    Youth Diapers/What is good?

    I'm new around here, so sorry if my post is really badly formatted. As my name suggests, I am able to fit quite well into goodnites l-xl (no extenders or modifications, just put it on and it fits) I am also able to flood after holding it for 6+ hours and have never leaked. I weigh 155 lbs and I...
  5. S

    Hi I'm Scott.

    I am a 21 year old male that loves diapers!
  6. Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36 a straight male that's into wearing diapers. I have liked wearing diapers all of my life Im more Dl than Ab I like to play video games work on the computer Im good at some computer tech things. my hobbies are mostly swimming goin for walks and spending time with friends and i love...
  7. C

    CrinkleJ Official Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm CrinkleJ! You can call me Matthew. I play Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Slender, Tanki, Xonic (My friend's MMO game). I am addicted to diapers. I'm going to be posting lots of stories! Have a nice day! :damnpc: :smile1: :graduate: :rolleyes: :cool: