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  1. DLSpunky

    Are you about the boosters?

    [ 2 threads have been merged ] ~ KitsuneFox I know I am! Wow! Believe it or not, I had only recently decided to try putting boosters in my diapers after being a DL for more than 35 years. Depending (no pun intended) on the booster, it really brings back that feeling of soft, extra fluffiness...
  2. EvanDL94

    Coloring the inside of your diaper

    I've always wanted a diaper with a colored inside but I think I have found a way to do this! 1 step take a spray bottle doesn't matter how big it is. Step 2 pick up some food coloring any color you choose. Step 3 take spray bottle put as much food color as you would like( but use as much as you...