1. C

    Why do you like diapers and what is your favorite diaper?

    I'm curious to why other people like diapers, with me, it was just a life long thing, I've always felt attached to them and it is a part of me that i have to accept, I'm interested in what brought you to it, weather it be medical reasons, being born that way(by being born that way I mean it not...
  2. kennyrallen

    The last time you were in a crib as a kid.

    Do you remember the last time you wer in a crib as a kid> Mine would be twice when I was 6 The one time at home, I was sick and for some reason mine and my brothers room was tore up If I remember right my parents were putting up new paneling. But I was sick so my mom had lay down in my sister...
  3. kennyrallen

    Potty Training at what age..

    Being some one who was forced potty trained, forced out of diapers to early, being 3 at the time. Kids who are taken out of diapers to early, no matter what their age is are the ones who end up having potty accidents in school. there needs to be a disclaimer to the rule the " kids must be...
  4. kennyrallen

    Dry shin in my crotch area.

    Before I started wearing during the day I would always have a problem with dry skin. It was not a rash but flaky dry skin. Now that I am wearing and using diapers during the day I no longer get it. I know I should have changed my damp underwear more often. Could I have been more wet than I...