1. crinklybabyblue

    Diapering and Older Bedwetters

    Hello, this is a question for childhood bedwetters (particularly older). If your caregiver changed your diapers, do you remember anything of what was said to you while they were changing you? Did they check your diaper, or ask you if you were wet, etc. If you managed it yourself, did they say...
  2. D

    Diaper endurance, yo

    I'm relatively new to wearing diapers. I was wondering whether any ABDL veterans have spent a remarkably long time in a diaper? Why am I asking? You know. Research... reasons... What is the longest amount of time you've spent in a diaper, without changing, for the fun of it?
  3. Littleleogirl

    Boyfriend diapered me for the first time !!

    So yesterday we were having a bit of a lazy saturday. I was still wearing my pull-up diapers from the night before. One thing led to another and my boyfriend started to initiate sex. It was great. Afterwards, I was laying on the bed naked and he looks at me and goes "Stay right there, don't...
  4. A

    A start to a great thing.

    So tonight was an amazing night. It was a first for me. For years i have traveled the AB path alone by myself with no one to really talk to. It was only a few months ago i met my current girlfriend. She is a nice loving caring girl that i have no idea how i lived without her. When we first met i...
  5. KiriCake

    Baby Diaper Sizing

    Hihi! So due to my current living situation, I have to buy diapers in stores rather than ordering nice ones online. I've only ever used adult diapers before, but I'm craving the fun colors and prints of baby diapers. Many people on the internet have said size 6 generally fit them, but quite...
  6. ibeadorkable

    Diapers or self-catheterization while at school?

    I am either at school for class or there for work every day of the week. When I am working it's a little easier to excuse myself. I have all of my "supplies" in a small green Hello Kitty tote from Target that people always think is so cute. It's still really difficult & rather painful for me to...
  7. K

    has anyone every tried to use a abri san x plus pads with a abri-form x plus diaper???

    Ok so I've just purchased 2 cases of abri-form x-plus diapers( now called the m 4's) and a few bags of the abri san air x plus 11 pads. I was wondering if any one has ever tried this? I personally like to double diaper and cut slits in the first diaper with a razor blade And put on another...
  8. S

    Best Wipes?

    I don't know if this has been discussed already or not, but for those of you who use wipes, what do you consider to be the best store-bought wipes? Also, if you can give reviews (or experience) with wipes that would be great.