1. CrinkleBuck

    New to the forum

    Hello! I'm Lavender, also known as CrinkleBuck. I'm an AB/DL furry artist & I'm getting more into the community. I've always had an interest in diapers but I had too many issues with shame to engage with this interest until this year. My partner is the same way & we enjoy being diaper furs...
  2. ItsDozinTime

    Big and still a boy

    Hi! i am called Amric. i love diapers and i also age regress when i wear my padding and gear. i am also a furry. i really love chimps because i think they're great the best animal of all time. i also have a chimp fursona. i like to play video games most of the time. the kinds of games i like...
  3. Little Furry Chippy

    Little Furry Chippy

    My first attempt at any kind of diaperfursona
  4. K

    Abdl/diaperfur podcasts

    Unless I missed it I couldn’t find a good post that had a list of Abdl/baby fur/diaperfur podcasts that are still active. Anyone know of any? The only one I’m aware of that still posts is the big little podcast which last aired in July.
  5. L

    Babyfur Species

    What are your guys' species? I don't have a cub sona yet, but I am really interested in what you guys are!
  6. pottypal

    diapers are my lifestyle

    after being eviscerated i realized i had to pad up, or pee all over the furniture and car as i could no longer tell when i needed to go. i was unhappy about it for a couple of days until i realized that a really good quality adult diaper made me very happy. wearing them has been a joy, and...
  7. Angellothefox

    How do we show and get people the good side of our fandom and confurt

    The furry fandom has struggles in their own fandom and with people outside of the fandom. Some other furries have also not helpped the idea of showing the good side of the fandom. For new people that ask what the fandom is all about can be suggar coated though if they ask if they is a darker...
  8. WigglesThePup

    Present Thyself! Hi I'm Wiggles :3

    [I know I used the Cheat Sheet but come on it's too good!] 1. Who am I? Hi there! Call me Wiggles. I am introverted so it takes me some time to muster up the confidence to post things about myself so forgive me but I haven't done anything like this in years but lets give it a go. I'm the...
  9. Darklight

    'Ello! Just your average Diapered Eevee here.

    Hello there, I'm just here giving an average introduction of my fluff butt self cause y'know, why not. First off, I'm Darklight the Eevee, a Diaper/Babyfur who pretty much does RP for most of his free time. I do work, but even so I still try to get back to reply to my RPs. I am super detailed in...
  10. Angellothefox


    Here is my lettest pictures of Angellothefox Errm...What are you looking at Act like a adult This has something around it. This was based around a meeting I had. Purple text reprisents self doubt. Blue text reprisents what was said. This regards the meeting that was had about me meeting up...
  11. Angellothefox

    I have done it. I have made RP for all of us.

    This is a community wear you can ether sit back and chat or you can https://discordapp.com/channels/264895064545820676/264898192901013504 This is a community for anyone who is 18+ but keep in mind that that dose not mean it is adult theme. So please keep it PG13 :sweatdrop: I would like to...
  12. Angellothefox

    Post your babyfur doodles

    Any art that is Babyfur/diaperfur or adult cub [adult furries behaving and acting like babyfurs] post them here. This is what I have been doing for the past 5 days in the old out of date organiser that my mum gave to me to draw some pictures in. What has anyone else drawn?:smile: - -...
  13. Angellothefox

    Has anyone made any babyfur/diaperfur/adult cub games?

    Has anyone made any babyfur/diaperfur/ abdl cubs mods, games, fan made games? I just wondered about it that is all? (Plus I can not think of anything else but to ask loads of questions tonight)
  14. Angellothefox

    Babyfur/diaperfur Poll if you could?

    Remember these all have down sides or side effects. You will be ether a anthro or a animal 1 To regress back to the age of 2. 2 To be cured of your incontinence 3 To be mentally regressed to think that your a 2 year old 4 To be able to get 90% off any adult cub nursery when you book 5 To be...
  15. furrychrome

    !Hello everyone!

    hi all how are you?, well obviously I'm here because I love using diaper, are super comfy hehehe X3, if they ask, I am a diaper fur:biggrin:, I hope to meet you all, also I have a gallery in inkbunny and FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrychrome/, he let them here if you wish to...
  16. K

    Long time Lurking around the internet. finally time to be social.

    Greetings. My Name is Kage. I have been a babyfur/diaperfur for a long ass time. but usually pretty private about it. I recently moved in with my daddy fur and both him and my mommy fur have been telling me to be more social and stuff. So here I am and you can expect to hear more from me soon...
  17. edgyfox

    Your baby fur side?

    I'm fairly new to here still getting the hang of things. But been an experimental babyfur since 2011 and more so online then real life. But I'm wanting to bring my baby fox side out more into the real world. Unfortunately if I take it out of my home I have to hide that side of me due to my...
  18. Dubbybutt

    Howdy all, Dubbybutt here!

    Hello! I have joined this site a few days ago and am enjoying it so far. So here is a little introduction to get to know me more. I am an avid gamer and play allot of games competitively. I stream Battlefield 3 and 4 allot on Twitch and will be streaming other games soon. I used to play WoW...
  19. A

    Hi from Northern Ireland ^^

    Im a diaper fur I have always loved diapers for as long as I can remember I'm shy but I wana meet other ab/dls chat and make friends =3
  20. GryphonGuy

    Padded at conventions?

    After reading the article, "Convention 101 for Babyfurs", I'm just curious as to how many Diaperfurs or Babyfurs here wear diapers at conventions, whether it be wearing under clothes or under fursuits. I'm not really a Babyfur, I'm more like a Diaperfur. I have been really interested in the...