1. L

    [VR] Mind Massaging Machine Sessions?

    Hey I have recently downloaded Mind Massaging Machine and was looking for sessions to try and was seeing if anyone had happened to make some already I will be making one and would like anyone that has to post it in the thread aswell for others. Thanks to all those in advanced
  2. N

    Been diapered and in a crib longer then as a child

    Last year i past the treshold, that now i’ve been sleeping diapered in my crib for longer then as i did when i was a baby/toddler. And then i was sleeping diapered in the crib for a bit longer then usual, anyone else that has hit that treshold and what do you think about it.
  3. crinklybabypants

    "Just in Case" Diapers

    Last summer my wife and I went on a car trip. A couple of days before we were going to leave I was having some bowel issues where I had a couple of poopy accidents in my pants. When we left for the trip I was in diapers just in case it continued. When we got to our destination, my diaper was...
  4. S

    Looking For ABDL Friends

    Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone else is from Southern Ontario, I’ve been wanting to make friends with others who share a liking for wearing. I’m from around Embro, Woodstock, London and Stratford Ontario. I’m 25, so old lol but thought I’d ask and see. I live with my partner who himself...
  5. LimeBloodedNoir

    Have any diaper college storys?

    Im going to college soon! I want to have on a diaper one day! Did/do any of you guys go diapered to college? Ever wet in a diaper in schools? Did you guys ever use or have on a diaper in high-school? What do you guys think of this?
  6. Poofybutt

    Thank Goodness I Was Diapered

    I had some down time to diaper up, baby out and regress for the first time in a while and immediately after waking up I had a 'Thank Goodness I was Diapered' moment. So, I woke up abruptly this morning with a very upset stomach, don't know why, usually only spicy foods will twist my stomach in...
  7. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diapered in Fursuit!

    DIAPERED IN A FURSUIT!!! (Under the fursuit, not over it) Out of curiosity, have you ever been fursuiting while diapered? Whats it like? Fursuits are quite hot, and so are diapers, what kept you cool? Have you guys ever tried being in little space while diapered and in fursuit? For furries...
  8. Pokogirl

    Do you have problems eating when diapered?

    Eating and peeing both at the same time seems like an wonderful thing to do. But whenever I'm diapered I seem to lose apetite. Although I have no problem with the smell of urine. Today I had breakfast with my diapers on. I also peed during eating. Yes, it was fun. But after finishing my...
  9. Roverthesissybabyfur

    Panties and girly diapers?

    Im new hear and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for padded panties, girly diapers, and sissy outfits, oh and jammies and plushies~
  10. BayB8

    Diapered in public for the first time

    Today is the first time I ever wore a diaper in public. Sitting in Costco right now as I wait for my winter tires to get put on. I decided today was the day I would wear out of the house! :D I don't care what people think, if they can tell or not... I'm happy!
  11. L

    Getting Back into Diapers

    So for 2 years I have been "diaper free" due to the crazy changes in my adult life. I wanted to start wearing diapers again since I have more free time. Do you guys have any suggestions/advice on how I can start wearing diapers again after 2 years of "not being diapered"?
  12. dlbilli

    Warm, Wet, and Secure

    Hi everyone - I found this community by accident and have enjoyed the posts. When I was 6 and in hospital for a few days I was diapered over my loud protests. My dad explained the need for the staff not getting up every 15 min to take a child out of their crib to the bathroom. He told me to...
  13. RainbowDash728

    Whats the best thing to do diapered n bondage

    Whats the best thing to do diapered n bondage
  14. SoakedinTexas

    Diapered in the yard

    So yesterday I finally finished putting my fence up. Still need to stain it but it looks nice and it closed off the backyard nicely. However, my neighbor came over last night while I was sitting on the back patio in just my teddy bear Bambino and the girlfriend lets him in the backyard. She gave...
  15. Selphie

    Gaming wile Diapered

    There didn't seem to be a Thread for this so I guess I'll be the first. Heya Everyone, I hope everyone had a great Holliday weekend because I sure did ^^. Now that Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is now released, I decided to spend all three days playing it. While doing this, I did so wearing...
  16. winters


    So today at noon my room-mate left to go visit her mother for the next 4 days! Not including today so i when to jean coutu and picked up some Depends Protection with tabs, ran to the Provigo down the block bought some wipes and formula, Tip mixing with a juice or beverage off sets the taste...
  17. betagame

    Getting Mad While Diapered? *Poll Added

    I want to know who has gotten angry while diapered and can you post your experiences here. like being restrained, getting in a fight, getting hurt, even getting arrested.
  18. Pramrider

    Avatars Sending Mixed Signals?

    Something crossed my mind today after what went down with MFH. I know the rules currently do not permit crotch shots of diapers. In the light of what happened recently, do you think pictures or drawings of younger children in diapers as avatars could somehow send mixed signals to...