diaper wearing

  1. M

    Do your parents know that you wear diapers

    I was about 13 when i accepted i like diapers and after that started my big operation to get some diapers. i told after a year when i was 14 to my parents that i would like to wear diapers and what is the case most often they didn't like the idea and were confused. Well after that i felt ashamed...
  2. Pokogirl

    Is It Time to Tell My Parents?

    So... I've been wearing diapers for over 3 years behind my parents' back. Throughout the years I've been wearing more & more and now for the last 7 months I have been wearing diapers 24/7. I know it's very risky to wear 24/7 with parents around without letting them know. But I'm always extra...
  3. C

    Unique Life

    So my husband and I have started wearing diapers together. He was hiding this from me and I couldn't understand how or why he would ever want to wear one as an adult. Now I have been through a lot with this man that I love. He is a cross dresser which I do with him shop! Go out what have you...
  4. Pokogirl

    Need Diaper Suggestion From This Specific Site

    So,I recently started wearing diapers. I started with a local brand baby diaper. It was cheap, the patterns looked cute and also got the job done. I have a 26 waist and weight around 38 kgs. The diaper I used to wear had the label of XL size(11-24kg). Although it fitted me quite well, I...
  5. Pokogirl

    Bought Baby Diapers For The First Time

    So...I finally mustered up my courage to go and bought some XL size baby diapers.They were cheap local brand diapers (about 2 dollar for 4 diapers).I bought these temporarily to see if they can really fit me. And they do! I mean apart from the side tapes.Although they reach the end,they snap :/...
  6. B

    Hi dare everyone!

    I am baby Holden from Ohio, USA and I wet the bed, and although I can't do anything about it but change my diaper it makes me feel sad how it interferes with connecting with other people. Maybe I'm more scared than I should be but its hard. Thanks for listening, Baby Holden :)
  7. R

    when to wear publicly

    Hey Guys! Im curious as to what other people currently do in terms of wearing in public? If someone wears for sexual reasons AND emotional reasons, would it be a good/ok idea to wear to school for example?
  8. M

    Diapers and Costumes

    So I'm going to a comicon and I've had the cosplay (costume) that I'm going to wear from before I started wearing diapers regularly. The costume is pretty modest. The only thing I'm worried about it the skirt. The skirt goes down to just above my knee and it is slightly layered on the outside so...
  9. M

    Diapers under pants for girls

    So, I've recently started wearing diapers in public on a lot more regular basis, but I don't want to wear sweat pants every time I do. Are there any recommendations on how to wear diapers under jeans and what kind I can buy? I do plan on wetting, so i would need to hide that too. What do you think?!
  10. K

    Allentown, pa

    Hi every one. I have been incontinent and have been wearing diapers 24/7 for along time now and would love to meet other with my Same problem and find out what products they use for their incontinence issues and what products work best for them! Please feel welcome that their is more people with...