diaper training

  1. geekdiaperboy247

    Incontinence progression advice and what to expect

    Hey guys, I was back in diapers on and off for my own choice since my late teen years, and developed mixed (OAB, stress, urge) bladder incontinence in my twenties. My symptoms from earliest to latest: dribbling after peeing in the toilet dribbling after having number #2 dribbling daytime, not...
  2. A

    Letting go in public issue

    So I have this thing going on I wouldn’t say it a problem because I want to Do diaper training. I can be walking or somewhere and then I feel to pee. And now I brain sometimes thinks just let go without even thinking about it. Is that a health issue or is that right step to Diaper training. I...
  3. Pokogirl

    This may make you wet while asleep

    A lot of us including me want to experience the joy of going while asleep & waking up in a wet diaper. But this isn't easy as it sounds. I have broken the boundaries & now am able to wet while lying, in bed, in every position. I drink lots of water before going to bed but still don't wet it...