diaper tapes

  1. LittleAlex08

    Diaper Types

    I suffer from bowel incontinence meaning I have to wear pull-ups. I still live with my mom and she provides me with diapers. I am not a fan of the pull-up style because I always have blowouts. My mom always buys pull-ups (unsure why) but I would much rather wear tapes for more security. How do I...
  2. Pokogirl

    Bought Baby Diapers For The First Time

    So...I finally mustered up my courage to go and bought some XL size baby diapers.They were cheap local brand diapers (about 2 dollar for 4 diapers).I bought these temporarily to see if they can really fit me. And they do! I mean apart from the side tapes.Although they reach the end,they snap :/...
  3. WearingClouds

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    I forgot who mentioned this idea to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all. So, I recently tried Hello Kitty Duct Tape. I liked it because of its cute design and great adhesive ability to plastic backed diapers. Has anyone else tried this product? Or can suggest to me something similar...
  4. KryanAshford

    Tapping problem

    I enjoy wearing my diapers at night, but for some reason the tapes begin to bug me after a while. I'm hoping someone some advice on this subject.
  5. MegaChar

    Custom Diaper Tapes,Where to find and buy?

    I know this question must of been asked millions of times before but my DL'ness wants diaper personallity from my fandom of Pokemon[Oh brother!]...So,what im actually asking for is some links to web sites or stores that allow you to customize your order[diaper tapes] to be....Well you. Would be...
  6. pistachio62

    Diapers in Denver???

    Hi, I'm Brandon... I was wondering who here on ADISC.org lived near Lakewood/Denver Colorado... The only reason I'm asking was because I was wondering where I can buy some higher quality diapers(tena, Abri-form, and what not) without having to order them from the Internet... Thanks a ton for...