diaper shopping

  1. M

    My source is getting too familiar.

    This is mostly just a post to hopefully alleviate some of my anxiety about today's interaction. So I noticed that I was low on diapers today so I made a trip into the city to pick up some more. I always buy from a small elder care shop just outside down town, and have been doing so on a not...
  2. Pokogirl

    24/7 Essentials

    So, I'm finally done with the long moving process. And am finally back in diapers. I want to start going 24/7 for real this time. I had to throw away all my previous stash during the move. I have saved a decent amount of money. I already bought some diapers. Will buy some more tomorrow. As I...
  3. J

    Good diaps in Washington State

    Other than AB Universe, Tykables or Olympic Pharmacy is there anywhere to buy good diapers in WA state? Olympic pharmacy has molicare super plus but they're going away from poly backing soon. There's gotta be somewhere that still has poly backed diapers?