diaper reviews

  1. WearingClouds

    New exotic diaper reviews

    Hello diapered friends! Here is my introduction to the site! I have been a DL ever since I could remember. After I was potty trained I still stuffed my undies with baby blankets. I didn't go pee in them lol, but I loved the feeling. Throughout the years I have gotten diapers, binged, purged...
  2. R

    Diaper Reviews

    One of the things I came to this site for was diaper reviews. I found a few on ADISC in the articles section, and a few scattered reviews here and there in postings, but after some web searches I discovered a huge list of great reviews. Hopefully this can help others like me that are new to...
  3. betagame

    Fix the diaper reviews wiki page

    Its a mess i tried to post my HONEST review of dry comforts, but i wanted to put it with all the others but i couldnt i cant even put it in the other reviews,:damnpc::wallbash: someone put mulicare super plus on the page and i cant even put it in the other two down there!!!!