diaper review

  1. captainpollution

    TENA Classic Plus Diaper Review

    Recently I acquired a package of TENA Classic Plus Briefs dating back to the summer of 2002: This was pretty interesting. I usually use TENA Classic Briefs, and had always been curious to try the Classic Plus Briefs out, so here was a golden opportunity. TENA brand briefs normally have a...
  2. betagame

    Possible sticky for Diaper Talk

    Diaper Reviews: because I see people make diaper reviews, but they never make it into the wiki. So I think it would be a great place for people to post diaper reviews, and include a complete detailed how to on writing one, so we can start seeing people contribute more to the wiki.
  3. Darkfinn

    Daytime Diaper Review

    Daytime Diaper Review. Greetings all... I recently got in a bag of Abena (Abri) Supers... so I figure now is a good a time as any to do a review and comparison of some diapers that are ideal for daytime use. What I have are three "thinner" diapers (from L to R)... Abri-Super, Attends...