diaper ratings

  1. L

    Abena VS Bambino VS Secure

    Does anyone have experience with the Bambino diapers? I've been using Abena & Molicare diapers and recently learned about Bambino & Secure. I've done a bit of reading and it would appear that the Bambino's are thicker and more absorbent than both Abena & Secure. Anyone have experience...
  2. Darkfinn

    I could use some diaper advice.

    Hey all... I know I'm usually the one providing suggestions to others... so I felt that turning the tables was fair enough. As the vast majority of you know... I am still wearing 24/7. I am currently using two diaper brands... Attends and Dry 24/7. This works out fairly well as I have the...
  3. C

    What diaper are you wearing now?

    What brand or type of diaper are you wearing now, and what would you rate it? If you are not wearing one now what one do you usually wear? I am wearing Molicare Super Plus. Rate 4/5