diaper fur

  1. Angellothefox

    Which avatar should I use?

    So I did not know where to put this so it is babyfur/abdl relalated ish but I can not accsess blogs now so...:sweatdrop: I have two avartars at I will let YOU!:dunno: decide. One of them is me in my fursuit Angellothefox The other is a cartoon digital drawing in paint on a picture...
  2. sproutling

    Are Little Paws any good?

    I just used my last Tykables (sad morning too, had to get ready right away so I couldn't enjoy it for a little longer) and I decided to order a sample of Little Paws from wearingclouds, are they any good? I certainly love the design, but can anyone be honest about it?
  3. Premetheus

    Fursuits and Diapers

    As of right now, both seem to be an impossibility to obtain due to lack of funds. However, when I do regain the ability to earn cash, what would be recommended for fursuit commissioning? I really would prefer something professional and between $500-$2,000 for the cost. This would obviously be...
  4. MrSun

    White Ears _ DF story

    Reposting because this was deleted. I always knew I would be eaten, but I've never expected to wait so long in suspense. Felines have been known to play with their food, but I've haven't heard of any that take meals home. I made several attempts to escape, but the shock collar and leash made...
  5. R

    This is life changing if we sign this!

    https://www.change.org/petitions/huggies-babylove-snugglers-or-any-large-babies-nappy-producer-produce-their-babies-nappy-product-lines-in-adult-sizes#share This is a petition I found that would urge baby diaper companies to make their diapers in larger sizes.