diaper dream

  1. betagame

    Wearing diapers in public

    I want to know If anyone has wore diapers in public. If you did, I would like to read your experiences, what brands you wore, and if anything went wrong.
  2. Pramrider

    What Do You Look For Most In a Diaper?

    For active users, of course you want a good fit and absorbency you can have confidence in to not have leaks. Others, who just like the feel of wearing, but not interested that much in using them could look for something else when picking a diaper brand. Then there's also preferences in...
  3. S

    ***Best Experience Ever***

    What is/was you best diaper experience ever. This can range from something you have seen to some thing you have done to something you want to do...but don't say u want to be babies etc...it will turn the thread to sh*t. dammit, its meant to read ....don't say u want to be babied...as in have...
  4. Eclipse

    A Real Diaper Nightmare

    So a few days ago I went like a week almost without wearing any diapers. When I broke that on friday night I think it was...I had a dream about diapers when I slept with one that night. My first dream about diapers in a good while. Anyways I was basically just walking around my house in nothing...