diaper doubling

  1. PaddedLittleParadise

    Just found my new favorite diaper combo

    Like many of you, over the years I've experimented with many different types of disposables, usually looking for thickness and bulk to enhance the comfort and excitement of the wearing experience. For me personally, I've found that there are at least two main aspects a diaper can have that feel...
  2. K

    has anyone every tried to use a abri san x plus pads with a abri-form x plus diaper???

    Ok so I've just purchased 2 cases of abri-form x-plus diapers( now called the m 4's) and a few bags of the abri san air x plus 11 pads. I was wondering if any one has ever tried this? I personally like to double diaper and cut slits in the first diaper with a razor blade And put on another...