diaper cover

  1. inconsurferdude

    Diaper covers instead of plastic pants for hot climate

    I recently moved and it's my first summer in a much warmer climate with crazy humidity. I've worn plastic pants + onesie over my disposables for years but its making me sweat so much here. Thinking about trying diaper covers like these instead. They're designed for an insert but I'm looking...
  2. NorthShoreAdam

    4Care Bodysuit Diaper Covers w/ Snap Crotch Now at NorthShore!

    https://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/diaper-covers/4care-unisex-bodysuit-diaper-covers-w-snaps.html 100% cotton onesie style diaper cover in 7 sizes and 2 colors (navy blue and white). Sizes available to fit waists 31 inches up to 48 inches. These are nice to wear over NorthShore Supreme...
  3. W

    Leg guards and diaper covers

    Can I buy something like a pair of latex shorts and use them as a diaper cover? Or do covers need leg guards in order to do their job well?
  4. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Japanese Style Diaper Covers (I want them)

    I've recently fallen in love with Japanese style diaper covers/plastic pants. the ones that function kind of like Abri Wing diapers where the back attaches like a belt around the waist and then the front just snaps to the belted sides. There's so many cute designs and I want them but don't know...
  5. kashi

    Plastic Pants/Diaper Cover

    So I've done a lot of poking around the threads including some older ones I've posted and I've reached a point where I need new insight if any can be provided. I bought plastic lined snap on diaper cover about a year or so ago from a Fuubuu a website/company that is now sadly dead. I love this...
  6. kashi

    Plastic Pants

    I'm pretty sure this will be fruitless but it never hurts to ask. I am looking for plastic pants similar to the ones worn by the girl in the attached photo. I know it's anime so it's unlikely they exist but it would be awesome if someone could point me in the right direction.
  7. oboysetht

    Size 3T Gerber Onesies as Diaper Covers!

    I was at Walmart the other day and on a whim I bout a 4 pack of plain white Gerber onesies for like 5 bucks I suggest you try it if you unbutton it and pull it up and minorly rip it you can pull it up over your diaper and still be able to snap it back together it will stretch because it is...