diaper changes

  1. AEsahaettr

    My fiancee is giving me 5 days of 24/7! Tips?

    Ok, so here's some background. My fiancee has gotten a lot more comfortable with my diaper use over the last few years. I've worn the quite a bit over that time but because we've been a long-distance couple nearly the entire time my diaper use around her is limited. Mainly because me wearing...
  2. B

    My Family

    (Before an official start, please know there is graphic content, so Mommies, Daddies, and naughty AB's up passed sleepy time, reader discretion is advised. :P ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER~~~1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The day started off as a cold, dismal Thursday. Which is weird...
  3. PamperedBottom

    Did anyone used to get scared?

    Now, this may too hard to remember for most people but does anyone remember the feeling of being babysat by someone new before they were potty trained and feeling nervous because you knew that person would eventually change your poopy diaper? Or, were you already liking the feeling of diapers at...
  4. B

    Diaper change issues.

    This is kinda long winded please bear with me. So I am in a relationship that is kind of a switch situation. My Girlfriend is my Mommy, but she is also my Baby Girl as well. She is new to the scene, and while I don't consider myself an expert I have been an AB for a lot longer that she has...
  5. SweetPinkCaramel

    Being Changed

    So, I was thinking about it, who prefers to be changed, or change themselves? Would you ever feel embarrassed or too helpless being changed? Making you feel uncomfortable?