diaper change

  1. A

    who has changed your diaper

    who has changed your diaper? Was it a husband wife bf/gf, professional(nurse,psw,health care aid), what kind of diaper was it and how did it feel? I have only been put into a diaper once by my wife and her disapproval ruined any kind of pleasure for me.
  2. I

    pennsylvania panty diaper lover

    anybody else in or near bensalem pennsylvania would love a real time meet!!
  3. Babystevie26

    Diaper Checks

    Many a thread are there that discuss the diaper change. It is one of the highlights for many *B's and DL's. Far less discussed however, is the diaper check. When someone else makes a point of taking a look and determining whether or not you're wet or dirty. As an AB, I can't think of much...