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  1. Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changing my diaper
  2. Poofybutt

    Another Date With Mommy + Any Advice?

    Hello y'all, Had a truly marvellous day with my Mommy and had to post. So, we were talking all week leading up to today and we both decided to have a fully planned baby day. Mommy got here at 8 in the morning and she just left at quarter to 7. We both had a blast. Mommy bought me a new toy...
  3. R

    School troubles

    So when I wake up in the diaper I am wet how can I make my butt not smell like Pee and I can't take a shower in the morning to get ready for school and still put a new diaper on
  4. ABAlex2

    A Lesson in Diapers

    Jack woke up slowly. He glanced at the alarm clock beside his bed. 6:55. Five minutes until it went off. Smiling to himself, he reached over and turned the alarm off. He then looked down at the girl who was lying beside him. Brown haired, fairly tall, muscular, angular face with high...
  5. Pokogirl

    Your Diaper Routine

    Hello! I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for like 2 months and have recently taken a long break due to some bad experience.I have thought for some while and decided that instead of wearing 24/7 I shall follow a routine. It would be very helpful if you tell me your diaper routine and give me...
  6. Musician147

    Change me. (Short poem)

    So I wrote a short poem. I'd love to hear what you guys think: Change me. Life is dark And damp am I Of stinging tears that will not dry My person moist of trickling sweat A bad dream, a nightmare, a trap my mind has set I cry and weep and throw a fit As if I scream into the void "I quit" A...
  7. Ian16545

    Changing time games and songs?

    Don't know if this has been talked about yet or not, but: Are there any songs you like to hear/games you like to play while having your diaper changed? Of course, there's the usual things: peek-a-boo, boop-on-your-nose, the Alphabet Song, This Little Piggy... But here's what I'd pick: Eye...
  8. RailroadGuy27

    Have you ever realized that Skunks are the perfect furry to wear diapers?

    I mean, it may be just my opinion, but think about it, skunks produce stink all the time, right?, so what better way to contain that stink than with a diaper? this perfume company gets it: seriously, I mean this is just my opinion, but what do you guys think?
  9. S

    Getting my Diaper Changed

    I really love the feeling of wearing a diaper and using it at times. I want to explore further and I have asked my husband in a playing way if he would chane my diaper. He kind of laughed it off. I'm not sure if he is put off by the idea or just uncomfortable. I really would like him to, I'm...
  10. Fenrierlilfolf

    big bro's visit

    My big brother (babyfur big bro, not real brother although I love him like one) told me today that he is gonna visit me after all, in a couple of months x3 There are so many things I wanna do with him, that I am probably not gonna be able to do them all XD the thing is, I am equally as excited...
  11. T

    Hello Diaper Lovers / Teen Babies, From Vancouver Canada

    Hello everyone, my name is Troy. I am move of I dl than anything else, but if someone babied me, or just treated me younger, hey, that'd be awesome. [Removed] Right now I don't have my N so I can't really come connect in person with any one. But I would love to chat.
  12. ABAlex2

    Joshua the AB

    (Note: this story is sort of a prequel to this: http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories/77362-date.html and http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories/79006-homework-ab.html, though reading the others isn't necessary for this one. Constructive criticism is appreciated!) It was still a bit early. They had...
  13. C

    Baby formula

    Yesterday while I was changing my diaper I got thirsty but the milk was expired and there was no soda for me to drink out of my sippy cup so I realized that I can get baby formula but I don't know how it tastes I would like an honest opinion so that I don't waste my money on something that I...
  14. C

    Bought more diapers

    I finally bought more diapers because my previous pack of Goodnites have been used up so the other day I went to cvs and I bought a bigger pack of Goodnites with 27 diapers in it and a pack of pull ups with 19 diapers the pull ups actually fit better than I expected only downside is that they...
  15. xtrabulk

    Song in yor head while diapering/getting diapered?

    I'm starting to think I'm more than a tad OCD here. Does anyone else have a song they sing or hum to themselves while getting/getting ready to be diapered? My wife recently pointed out that I quietly hum Christmas carols (specifically the one about Donning we now our gay apparel) when getting my...
  16. C

    Huggies little swimmers

    I was at my uncles house today for a BBQ and he has a pool and I went swimming....and I noticed my little cousin like 2 years old wearing huggies little swimmers with his bathing suit over top I know he was wearing one because I saw his mom change him into the swim diaper from the regular baby...
  17. H

    ATTN: Mommies & Caregivers

    I thought I'd put together a lil' list of some important things to consider while you are establishing your budding ABDL relationship. Please feel free and to comment and add more "everyday tips." BEDTIME: I think bedtime is a good rule to enforce because it establishes a routine between you...
  18. PamperedBottom

    People you always wanted to be Diapered by

    I realize there is already a thread along these line, but this is a more specific thread. As a kid, once you realized you liked diapers I find with most people, or at least myself, there were certain people whether it was someone famous or someone I knew that I used to pretend in my mind being...
  19. B


    Hi. My name is Bella Grace! I am a sissy who love the feeling of a nice diaper on her bum! [Removed]
  20. A

    who has changed your diaper

    who has changed your diaper? Was it a husband wife bf/gf, professional(nurse,psw,health care aid), what kind of diaper was it and how did it feel? I have only been put into a diaper once by my wife and her disapproval ruined any kind of pleasure for me.