diaper brands

  1. D

    Suggest a realistic change

    I’ve been thinking about my favorite diapers and how much better they could be with even 1 improvement made to them. I love Northshore Megamaxes! Especially the blue and black versions. However, they could be even better with more wicking past the middle of the diaper. I also love the diapers...
  2. EdwardTheDL1998

    Anyone else experiencing this? (ID slip plus lowered quality?)

    Okay, so. I bought a bunch of ID slip plus diapers because that's what I usually wear. But lately, they felt a bit worse in general. Both wearing, clumping, and leaking? It's not like it goes out of the sides. But sometimes, pee goes straight through the front of it. Just a few drops, but when...
  3. michaelmc

    Baby diapers

    If you could upscale a baby diaper to fit an adult which brand would you choose? For me it would be Pampers air!:2thumbsup:
  4. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXL

    So, I've finally used up all my diapers & now it's time for diaper some diaper shopping. The choices I get here is very limited. Good adult diapers are rare. So, I mostly wear baby diapers & am in love with them. Also I don't have the guts to buy adult diapers. I have 26 waist & can fit into...
  5. D

    Diaper disappointment...

    I just bought some of these "newer" Depends and boy, oh boy...I wish I could leave them a review because it was a waste of money. Two tabs that barely stay put are not enough. They "popped" off even when I didn't move, till they lost ALL of their glue. :sad: Diaper kept slipping off over and...
  6. D

    Affordable diapers?

    Hi there. I'm looking for affordable diapers that are nice and thick/able to hold more than one peeing session. Any ideas?
  7. B

    What brand and type of brief should i get

    Hey please help me on the end of this month i'm buying briefs online from healthwick.ca. I have a few brands in mind. 1. Prevail but only briefs with high absorbency 2. Tranquility briefs with high absorbency 3. Molicare briefs with high absorbency 4. First Quality briefs with high absorbency...