diaper boy

  1. S

    Abdl Latvia

    Hello, I have been into diaper for a long time, and for a long time diapers have been enough for me, but recently I started searching fore some friends or other people from my country, that a are also into abdl, but I can't seem to find anyone. So I decided to try, and post something here, with...
  2. Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changes my diaper

    Mommy changing my diaper
  3. C

    Diapered at the Gym

    So I've been trying to wear 24/7 for the last couple months and for the most part it has gone pretty well. However the one time that I always have trouble wearing is at the gym.I usually wear something light and unnoticeable, that doesn't bulk or sag, like a Goodnite (or other pullup)...
  4. larikaz

    The Drought

    Andi and Brenda Jones drove up to their new home, excited to begin their new life in a new town. The town wasn’t just new to them, but new to everyone. Williamsburg was designed with the latest high-tech in every aspect, and the first residents had moved in less than a year earlier. Each home...
  5. A

    Supposed I wear a diaper for have autism spectrum disorder? I wear for night time and longest sleep.

    Hi, I’m obsessed about bedwetter. Last year, my bedroom was odors and urine on bed without washing my sheets. Past, I dream became pee it and I ordered some bags of diaper at last September. I wanted goal in future to be participated for ABDL community without alone. I’m happy for now.
  6. R

    Will Disposable diapers die out?

    Do you think that diapers will ever become extinct and some type of other method will take over? Who else has this fear? Can anyone give this a hypothetical realistic rundown of what could take over disposable diapers? I mean, they still sell like crazy so we cant be anywhere close to the...
  7. ABAlex2

    The Apology

    The game was fast and fierce. The players quickly covered the map, looking for animated weapons and built in cover. At the same time, they were shooting constantly, trying to hit anyone on the opposing team. However, what was even more furious was the chatter. The players shouted insults and...
  8. ABAlex2

    The Alteration (or: I Met Her Fore More then This)

    As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms...
  9. B

    Hi dare everyone!

    I am baby Holden from Ohio, USA and I wet the bed, and although I can't do anything about it but change my diaper it makes me feel sad how it interferes with connecting with other people. Maybe I'm more scared than I should be but its hard. Thanks for listening, Baby Holden :)
  10. J

    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys! you can call me Julz :), I recently made an account here on ADISC but have been lurking around here for about 8 years now. Two months ago I went to a counselor and one of the main things we would speak about is my diaper fetish. It has always been apart of me but I was never able to...
  11. C

    Hello fellow members of Adisc

    Greetings to you all. My name is Chris and I have very recently discovered Adisc. I am a french 29 years old men and I have been fascinated by diapers from a very early age. English is not my native language so I do apologize in advance for the many mistakes that I will likely make in the...
  12. A

    Hey. I'm new to the site

    Hey everyone. I'm a DL from Europe :D I've tried all sorts of diapers and I like all different kind ones. I tried Abenas M3-M4, Molicare Supers, Super Dry Kids, Bambino Bianco, Bambino Bellissimo, Bambino Teddies, Goodnites(DryNites) old and New, I also tried 24/7, Super Undies cloth diapers...
  13. B

    What kind of diapers?

    Hey guys what kind of baby diapers and what size.!.!. I weigh 90lb and have a 27 inch waist. Thanks for the help, bigE :beg:
  14. B

    Hi! My name is badlilboy or jake or jack!

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm Jack. I'm a trans* queer little! I'm 18 and I've recently graduated from high school. Right now I'm looking for work and getting into college. 2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) I'm a little boy who has an interest in diapers. I guess I'm...
  15. Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36

    Hi I'm Dpboy36 a straight male that's into wearing diapers. I have liked wearing diapers all of my life Im more Dl than Ab I like to play video games work on the computer Im good at some computer tech things. my hobbies are mostly swimming goin for walks and spending time with friends and i love...
  16. Mukksa

    How I got interested in diapers

    I'm not currently in diapers but I hope to be in them soon because I'm interested and here's how I got interested. I was on youtube once (like always) Watching gaming videos when I challenged myself to go intot he deep end of youtube without and floaties (see what i did there?). Anyways, I...
  17. S


    Hey everybody,I'm a 19 year old male diaper lover with slight adult baby interests. loved em ever since i can remember, i remember staring at the packs of disposables in day care when i was like 4 wishing i could be put in them. anyways, I'm a college student and i am now coming to the...
  18. N

    Hey :D

    Hello everyone :) My name is Nolan. I'm about to enter my first year of college, which makes me both greatly excited and somewhat afraid. Mostly the former, fortunately; I'm eager to step into a new stage of my life. Of all the inevitable facts of life, that which is most present in my life now...
  19. B

    Hi! I'm new!

    A little about me Sup! I'm a 15 year old teen (male) who's wetted the bed all my life, I've just recently got back into diapers since 12 and I remember that I stopped wearing diapers when I was about 7-8. My family had numerous attempts in helping me but only recently have I also got into the...
  20. darkknightinattends

    MAY THE WAY OF THE HERO LEAD TO THE TRIFORCE! Anyways... Hello! That is all!

    Hello! My name is Jordan! I'm from Vancouver BC,love playing my guitar, doing youtube videos, playing some zelda games among others, and wearing thick diapers as often as I can. I joined this site to share my stories read others experiences, and make some friends. [Removed] Anyways this is...