diaper bag

  1. Angellothefox

    Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

    I was thinking and it was a thought why not at one point wear some diapers in town. The only problem is it is my first time. Someone suggested that I use two nappy bags to doubble it up them throw it away in a public bin... It maybe OK in the USA but I do not know weather there is a biohazerd...
  2. Jdp

    Wet Bags

    I've started moving over to cloth diapers from disposable and am looking for easy changing. Has anyone ever used a wet bag for cloth diapers? If so, how well do they work for you and are there any tricks like sprinkling baking soda in the bag with the wet diapers?
  3. M

    What's in Your Diaper Bag?

    Since there are a lot of youtube videos of people showing what's in their diaper bag, I figured I'd start a forum post where people can share what's in their diaper bags. This is my small diaper bag, I have a bigger one with more stuff in it. Its a Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Mini Diaper Bag...