diaper awards

  1. M4saremyfavourite

    What are your favourite diapers(In theses categories)

    1. Best ABDL diaper 2. Best Medical Diaper 3. Most absorbent ABDL Diaper 4. Most absorbent Medical Diaper 5. Best value ABDL diaper 6. Best value Medical Diaper 7. Cheapest ABDL diaper(that you would still recommend) 8. Cheapest Medical Diaper(that you would still recommend) Please list reasons...
  2. MetalMann

    A Fun Idea For The Adisc Community

    I had an idea today that I thought would be fun for the community. Like how we have an annual ADISC member awards and how we vote for people in certain categories... Well I think we should do the same thing for diapers. The ADISC Diaper Awards! We can have vote in certain categories such as...