diaper attitude

  1. Mickeymic

    Be Yourself; I wonder if there is a Diaper Comfortable thing Depending on the situation?

    I don't necessarily "Love Diapers." Though I do like to wear them most times. I do wear other types of underwear; different panties, and undies. Sometimes I go commando depending on the weather, occasion my mood and type of clothes I am wearing. I don't consider myself to be a cross dresser, but...
  2. michaelmc

    Bad diaper day

    I went to the post office in town and stood in a que for 45mins needless to say i used my diaper, then went to toilet only to realise i left my change at home.By the time i got into my car i was well soaked and as i sat down i felt the pee rise in my diaper and sufferd side leakage. I wasnt happy:(
  3. gloncouchejon83

    Hello everyone !

    It is not easy to describe, but I'll try. I was there a few months ago in a motorcycle accident, which involved a partial incontinence every night ... I as a result of having recourse to wear diapers, but it also happens that I wear the day . I made ​​this choice, and now everything is fine for...
  4. I

    a vid: some random guy treating adult diaps not like some sick perverted thing!

    Soo after a night of 'drinkin 'n thinkin' i decided to do some random *B/DL mashing of keywords into Google vids and see what i got and stumbled upon this: so, some weirdo sent me adult diapers - wtf? not only did they send diapers, but they sent them in size XL. I thought it'd try them anyway...