diaper 24/7

  1. MatalicPebble

    Lots of Vaseline or is there too much of a good thing?

    I am finding my skin is becoming really soft when using vaseline also known as petroleum jelly. Its rather pleasant too. This migh be because my skin needed it in my diaper area. So, here is the question.... Can you use straight up lotion and jelly for a barrier or is a powder necessary for...
  2. diaperedboypete

    Diapered 24/7 - how to deal with diaper changing at work

    So, after almost a year and a half it's time to end my 100% home office work. Company decided, that we should be at least twice a week at the office. They send me to HO in March 2020, and then I started my 24/7 diapered life. Not because of any medical conditions, just because I wanted to. I...
  3. Lukeyboi

    Obeying diaper rules set by girlfriend/mommy

    I am extremely lucky that I have a mommy who is as involved in my abdl lifestyle as mine is but I can never seem to stay diapered for more than a a day or two without taking them off and breaking my mommys #1 rule... she diapers and changes and checks me and all I have to do is refrain from...
  4. GreenieTheFilly

    (Post) College 24/7 Life

    Well, I was doing a blog about this here, but well. I'm not in college anymore. I graduated with a BS in Psychology in May! Very excited to be done with college. It's weird to think that I'm "officially" what many would consider an Adult. I don't feel like it, I think my brain is still getting...
  5. archerstaley

    Life After

    This story is based on truth. I have changed names, and locations, etc, but it is a true story after that. Please be gentle as I don't have any writing experience. I will be detailing my life after I was severely injured in the Army. I am don't want to give too much detail away here, so please...
  6. californiaabdl

    Should I try to wear diapers 24/7?

    Hi, I've been off to college for the past 1.5 years but now I'm back living at home because I'm going to a local community college instead. So, I'll be back living at home like my high school and middle school years. I'll be taking a few online classes and the rest will be on campus. And since...
  7. Pokogirl

    Diapers in Dorm

    So, I'll be starting university from next year. I have been accepted into a university which is a bit far away from my home. Hopefully, the university offers dorms & I'll be staying there (Not 100% final). The problem is, for the last 9 months I haven't used the toilets much for anything other...
  8. Pokogirl

    Is It Time to Tell My Parents?

    So... I've been wearing diapers for over 3 years behind my parents' back. Throughout the years I've been wearing more & more and now for the last 7 months I have been wearing diapers 24/7. I know it's very risky to wear 24/7 with parents around without letting them know. But I'm always extra...
  9. Pokogirl

    24/7 Essentials

    So, I'm finally done with the long moving process. And am finally back in diapers. I want to start going 24/7 for real this time. I had to throw away all my previous stash during the move. I have saved a decent amount of money. I already bought some diapers. Will buy some more tomorrow. As I...
  10. Canadian24baby7

    Hello From Atlantic Canada

    Hello Male here from Atlantic Canada! :thumbsup:
  11. Pokogirl

    Not a Good Sign

    I have been without diapers for over a month now. Due to moving reasons I had completely stopped wearing diapers and got rid of all the evidence. The moving process is almost over & I couldn't wait to buy the supplies again. I was over excited & bought some trash bags and a waterproof bed pad...
  12. Pokogirl

    Considering Stuff Before Going 24/7 Again

    I have been near 24/7 for about 6 months. I had to take a long break due to moving reasons. I'm currently in a position to start wearing again. I gave a lot of thought and reached the conclusion that I would be 24/7 again. And this time for real & without any breaks. I need to consider some...
  13. Pokogirl

    The Cons of Wearing 24/7 Finally Hit Me

    We are moving to a new house. I didn't want my parents to find out while moving my stuff. So, I used up all of my diapers. Got rid of all the evidence. That includes the diaper packets I've been collecting, my plastic pants, waterproof bedsheet,garbage bags etc. But it looks like I might have...