1. michaelmc

    Diaper Design

    If you could design a diaper pattern what would it be? I would have cartoon animals with multi color ballon patterned body What type of Diaper would you choose? Id choose tapped with a high waist! If your artistic and can scan and upload your design all the better :thumbsup:
  2. D

    Let's build the perfect diaper

    So I recognize that the adult baby diaper market seems to just be a bunch of the same stuff. All of the diapers seem to be the same shape whether it's the wrap around padding or the pictures of babies or animals also wearing diapers down to the thick plastic/poly backing and wide but short...
  3. GoodnitesFan97

    What would you think if they update the Pull Ups for 2017

    Since Goodnites are getting newer graphics, should Pull Ups have the same treatment? I think every Winter i get awesome news about pull ups, and this year could be no exception. My predictions for updated graphics Learning Designs: Boys-Buzz Lightyear/Cars Girls-Rapunzel & Merida/Elena of...
  4. tobdy1986

    Cloth Training Pant Designs?

    What kind of designs would you like to see on cloth training pants? I'm not asking for trademarked characters or anything like that. I'm thinking more in terms of generic designs like those seen on Honest company products and such.
  5. Sitherus

    I designed a diaper.

    I designed a diaper now someone should make it and send me a case. if the diaper goes viral in the marketing id want at the least credit and a discount of them. :smile1: Anyways... this is it tell me what you think!
  6. Shyanne

    Crib plans/designs?

    Does anyone have any like blueprints/designs/plans on how to build a adult sized crib/bed? Or if not, maybe post pics of your cribs if you have any..