1. N

    Trouble with diapers

    Hello all, I'm Neko I have been trying to get into diapers for a while now. At first I was buying disposable diapers, but I never managed to find a reliable disposable diaper as they all tend to leak on me, and I can't buy disposable diapers online for privacy reasons. I ended up ordering some...
  2. Sitherus

    afraid to wet new aio

    so i bought a cloth aio diaper. I bought it so that i could sleep in it snugly and hapily but not use it. But when wearing it i just have the urge to use it cause im used to that. I dont wear it during the day because i don't want it getting stained. O don't have a problem at night anymore. So...
  3. Sitherus

    i found the perfect diaper for me

    I was looking at diapers on ebay and found a dependeco diaper i fell in love with. Its Pink ans super cute. Its mlp and i dont watch that show or know what its about other than like a power puff girls with horses. I went on their site and found it...
  4. LilBoiCLT

    First Time

    Just ordered my first cloth diaper, a baby blue solid color PUL AIO from Dependeco and am super excited :o ! Any comments or suggestions from anyone that has used either this brand or others similar?
  5. Siddy

    Dependeco diapers

    Have not seen anyone talk about these but they are popping up all over on E-bay. They are cloth Velcro strap diapers and say that after at least 2 washes they will be 100% leakproof. O_o Easy*pul on ebay has a lot of them in plan or...