1. LimeBloodedNoir

    *slow clap* Thanks Depends.

    Thanks Depends. Thanks. The thanks is sarcasm. Although. I have a story to tell... I have anxiety and I panic very easily, and I was listening to some diaper hyposis to help me calm down and make me feel more calm. I feel myself start to pee, and so, first thing I do is; "SHOOT SHOOT WAKE UP...
  2. W

    Favorite Diaper

    Making a list of diapers and please put your rating next to the diaper out of 10 it can be any diaper or any brand ex Pullups 5/10
  3. jellyjigger

    Depend rant and plastic-backed diapers as of mid-2016

    The loss of the adult diaper staple-brand Depend going the way of cloth-like more than hits a nerve for me, although I can't say I wasn't surprised as the writing has been on the wall for a while. Anybody that wears something in their "private area", offering some type of protection every day...
  4. D

    Incontinence Pads Years Ago

    These days the one in three women with some form of incontinence have a large choice of products to use, available from many supermarkets and pharmacies. Tena, Depend, shops own brand pads and pants are fairly common, but what did women do years ago before these products were so easily...
  5. G

    Depends briefs at Rite Aid?

    Anybody know if they still sell the Depends with tabs at Rite Aid? I know over the last few years, many large chain pharmacies have quit selling them in store.
  6. N

    depend polymer getting everywhere

    I just got some depends protection with tabs and i noticed polymer getting on my bed. I took out a fresh one and rubbed the two sides together over a table, and sure enough there was little flecks of polymer all over the table. Upon further investigation I discovered that it may have been coming...
  7. H

    An AB/DL Wiki

    Well, since summer is almost over and I'm trying to keep myself from starting another minecraft project before college starts, I decided to work on an AB/DL Wiki. I went to wikia to start one and it turns out that someone else had already made the wiki, but had made absolutely no contributions...
  8. anotherpuppy

    No more Depend tape-up diaper briefs at CVS?

    Well, yeah, like I just posted here - - I suddenly needed to restock on "actual diapers" and seems every CVS in my corner of New England no longer stocks the actual taped Depend diapers -...
  9. G

    New Depends Packaging!!!

    Hello Forum, Yesterday I was at CVS and strolled down the diaper aisles and I noticed that depend came out with a new packaging for the male guards and they say Maximum Absorbancy. I will try to buy today and will post pics let me know if any one else has seen them. Thank you
  10. D

    Buying diapers on holiday

    Last week I was in Prague on holiday, and I needed some adult diapers since I only brought two pcs. of Molicare SuperPlus with me. Well, it took two days before I could buy some, as 60% of the pharmacists didn't speak English, and 80% of those who did understand me, didn't have adult diapers...
  11. Slycamer

    depend real fit (men) - reviewed

    okay i see the other threads are closed. i barely saw a commercial the other day so i decided fuck it and tried them while i had the money sale 0-10 discreetness: 10 they look like real underwear sound: 0 - didn't hear a thing except when unfolding it. comfyness: well... the material is super...
  12. T

    Depends tips/help

    Hello everybody i cant order online soi cant get any abenas bambinos or any good diapers,infact i never even tried any of them, so the only diapers i have access to are,Depends maximum protection, cvs fitted brieffs,and i think thats it, Anyway,i plan on getting more depends((tragic)),so im...
  13. anotherpuppy

    Depends pull-up waistband patterns?

    Another weird one, but just a curiosity this time. Pup's regularly been wearing the Depends "for Men" (and boy-pups) pullups because they're available and fit and all that good stuff (and trying other brands again, he's also reminded he really likes the 'firm' feel of their gel.. now if only...