1. WittleBoy

    Good Day from Denmark

    Good day all! I am a young Dane studying filmmaking - more specificly screenwriting. I also enjoy playing video games, building with LEGO and painting miniature medieval soldiers. I enjoy wearing and wetting diapers and pullups, I like the idea of messing, but every time I have tried it, it...
  2. T

    New member from Denmark

    Hi! A bit about me I'm a Danish guy in the late twenties (tall, slim, normal looking). I work as an environmental engineer, and I'm involved a bit in two Danish NGOs working with environmental work in developing countries. I love dark chocolate and belgian beer with a passion! and the Danish...
  3. F

    Grand Danois

    Or in english: A great Dane... Well... I'm 28 year old guy from Denmark. To begin with, let me clear some common misunderstandings: No, a danish person is not a person with an addiction to pastry. No, a dane is not a dog. No, Denmark is not the capital of Sweden. No, we do not live in...