1. D

    "NEW" New, Dry 24/7. Poor quality.

    I received a shipment of Dry 24/7's recently and noticed a few things. They were thinner, the plastic was course, and the tapes were larger than my July shipment. Not a problem. Then I noticed the new briefs lasted about half as long, that's a problem. I contacted XPMedical (bought from), and...
  2. chevre

    Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    So, a month or two back Unique Wellness put out a pretty decent sale (as they do from time to time) and my stash was running a bit low so I ordered a case. I hadn't ordered them in about a year, so I wasn't super surprised to find out the design had changed a bit. For instance, the outer cover...