1. SparkleBunny

    Hey, how are you? What are all of you guys doing today?

    Hey, how are you? I took a shower this morning and I'm feeling SO innocent today! I'm still in my pajamas (which I'll change out of soon) and have my pillow pet with me. I'm having rice mac & cheese with some juice for lunch. I'm trying to decide if I want care bears or hello kitty cup for my...
  2. A

    Good to see so many people here

    Hi, I am Adam and I’ve just joined. I am UK guy of 30. I have had bedwetting problems for a lot of my life. I wet regularly until my mid teens and then after a dry period it came back a few years ago. I am now back to pretty much every night. Not had a great deal of luck with medical...
  3. T

    Travel March 4th: Now starting to wonder should I wear diapers during the daytime when in Rome

    Hey everyone, So I recently posted on here about going to Rome with a friend of mine and didn't know if I should tell her that I still wet my bed since i'll be sharing a room with her you can find my post here. Anyways I'm beginning to wonder if I should consider wearing diapers during the...
  4. AshleyPup

    What's the best daytime diaper?

    So I've decided that I want to wear a bit more, including a lot more in the daytime. This however, brings up a very important issue, where Fabines and Bellisimos with as thick as they are, don't make for the most discreet diaper when it comes to wearing out and about. Now I know that nobody is...