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  1. kikee

    Incontinence Dating Website - WARNING !

    "Incontinence Dating" Website - WARNING ! A few weeks ago, I joined a website called "Incontinence Dating", and paid for an annual membership. - The website URL is www DOT incontinencedating DOT com. There is a "Private Chat" feature on the website, as-well-as a "Group Chat" feature, or "Chat...

    Free AB/DL Dating Sites?

    I was wondering lately after joining some sites (fetlife etc) whether there were any dating sites that cater directly to specifically AB/DL people, because fetlife seems to be more focused around casual sex and less around finding a life partner that shares similar interests. It seems to also...
  3. D

    Is AB/DL reliable?

    Just as the title says, is a reliable site? I joined a little while back and all of a sudden I got a message from someone but it didn't let me open it because I had to "upgrade my account" by paying $3. I know there are sites that legitimately charge you for using them but this a...
  4. Rocky

    Top 10 Weird Dating Sites. Guess who's number 1?

    I know there's tons of threads about ABDLs showing up into the "mainstream" world and such, but I thought I'd share. On YouTube, I'm a subscriber to a Top 10 channel that makes interesting top 10 videos about everything from cars to conspiracy theories (of course many of them are just...