1. E

    What To Pack For A Play Date?

    im going to a play date with some ab friends next week from a few days, and i was wondering what would be good thinks to take for a play date? Thanks erl
  2. O

    Hi im new

    i know this isnt a dating site but ive got questions... first question... when should i tell my next gf im ab/dl? before or after we are dating? why do i feel so alone... why have i never met another ab in person D=
  3. ABAlex2

    Joshua the AB

    (Note: this story is sort of a prequel to this: and, though reading the others isn't necessary for this one. Constructive criticism is appreciated!) It was still a bit early. They had...
  4. BabyHeroSakura

    Link's Play Date

    Hello BabyHeroSakura here. I'm working on a story on the Legend of Zelda, it's kind of cheesy but its just the intro. Any criticism is welcomed.:sweatdrop: Link's Play date "Congratulations Link! It's a baby boy", the nurse held and cleaned Link's newborn baby covered him in a white...
  5. codered

    TDU2 Release date update!

    I just found out the release date for test drive unlimited 2 was moved back to the first quarter of 2011. So sadly I'll have to wait longer to play the game :( ,but it should be a better more polished game. (hopefully)