1. nightfox320

    A Fire Performers Paci

    So if yall didn't know I'm poi addict. I picked up spinning during high school and I have had a blast ever since. As a result I have gobs of extra poi parts laying around. My biggest problem with my paci is when I loose it in the morning. Not only is it a pain to search for but since I live in...
  2. S

    Leaping or Flopping

    So I decided to try Ballet.......scared as heck and my first class is on Sun......could use support or advice.
  3. tiny

    What is this tune?! (Dance music) PLEASE TELL ME!!!

    I recently saw a BBC documentary called "Cocaine Capital of the World: Stacey Dooley Investigates" and there's a tune playing in the end credits that I reaaaallllly want to identify! The funny thing is... I'm sure I've got it on CD somewhere, but... I just can't work out what it is... I...
  4. betagame

    What is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?

    I am looking for your favorite genre of music. This is a multiple choice poll, so please vote respectively. I like Anthem Trance, trance, House [DJ Dawber], Speed Metal [mostly Dragonforce] Ambient [the scary kind that is great for a video game dungeon please tell me what that genre is] Rap/hip...