daddys little girl

  1. michaelmc

    physical age 85 mental age16 official age 51 UK Nappy lover

    I medicly incontinent and loving it,is that weird?i am also exploring my feminim side???I have tried many different incontinence products and am using net pants and pads the net pants are expensive and cheap quality but I have found pants that at £2 a pair ( great and look good...
  2. B

    New Daddy Looking for Advice

    Hi! I am Tinkerbell... Tink for short. I made this account just a few moments ago but I have been associated with the ABDL community for neatly a decade now. I recently found the Love of my life and was married. My husband is a very gentle and caring man, and a wonderful Daddy. He is not so...
  3. KiriCake

    Little Easter!

    Hi everybody! I haven't been on in forever because I've been really caught up in bunches of other things. The turn out on my first two threads was the best thing I could ask for. I used people's advice in getting baby diapers and currently am using goodnites, which Daddy LOVES. But that's all...
  4. MorbidAngel

    What's a Daddy without his Baby Girl?

    I was sitting in a restaurant with friends last night, and in walks an adult baby girl dressed in bright colors, pig tails, a pacifier, and a teddy bear. Whilst the people I was with mocked and ridiculed the sight referring to her as a "thing", I couldn't help but feel extreme sadness in longing...