daddys little boy

  1. BabyAshie

    Rules that daddy can have for me?

    Herro, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone had any rule examples that my daddy (boyfriend) can have for me when I am in my little state... he is we're doing it online right now but sooner or later we're gonna move in together and it's hard comming up with rules... these are a few...
  2. E

    Meeting daddies?

    Is there a good place on this site to meet daddies? I'm brand new to the place, so I was hoping for some help.
  3. Coney

    Where to go to find a good "Daddy"

    Now that I'm completlely with terms with my ab/dl-dom, I really want to try to find a "daddy" any suggestions on how/where I should look :)