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    New Daddy Looking for Advice

    Hi! I am Tinkerbell... Tink for short. I made this account just a few moments ago but I have been associated with the ABDL community for neatly a decade now. I recently found the Love of my life and was married. My husband is a very gentle and caring man, and a wonderful Daddy. He is not so...
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    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Both me and my Daddy have autism and I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever been diagnosed either! I'd love to make some Aspie/Little friends! :grouphug:
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    Hi there...:sweatdrop: Me and my Daddy talk about everything, but there's one thing that's been on my mind that I can't seem to let out. I've really REALLY been wanting to try Pull-Ups. I'd talk to him about this but he's told me he thinks adults who wear diapers are odd. What should I do? I'd...