1. Bunziez

    Missing my Daddy…

    my boyfriend is my ‘daddy’. he has been pretty much since we started dating. on days when i was home alone, i’d sneak him into my house and we’d have a daddy-little day together. i have old toys and store-brand pull up diapers that i would use. he’s only seen me padded up once, but is very...
  2. lilbabyjooce

    The Aquarium

    Hi y'all! It's Jooce. I've never posted a story on here before nor have I ever written an ABDL story ever! I wanted to try my hand at it with a story that's made up but based off of my experiences going to fun places with my own daddy. I plan to write more parts for it (sorry to leave y'all on a...
  3. LilPierre

    ABDL Daddy/Mummy

    Hi all! Does anyone on here have a ABDL daddy or mummy? I have now had a daddy for almost a year now, I came across him via telegram and we just started talking and he said he was local too and he also mentioned he already had a little too so it ended up with me saying I would be happy to have...
  4. HunterGreen2

    San Diego mature little Daddy's boy

    Hello, I am a mature diapered sleep wetter here in San Diego. I sometimes wear a diaper during the day if I'm going out. My night diaper is Crinklz. It would be great if San Diego littles and care takers would organize regular meets at restaurants, on zoom, or even group camping here in San Diego.
  5. lukethefur

    Daddy and Little Trouble (Relationship advice)

    Hey all, firstly just a warning that this post is going to be long and quite personal so if you do read through it, well done and thanks. I realise I come off as controlling, but please try and be empathetic in your responses. These are very fresh wounds for me So, I guess the main thing I'm...
  6. Jonjon


    Yes, I know...on our bottoms. ;) What I'm really asking is - for those of us who still get spanked for misbehaving - in what location does it happen? For me, Daddy mostly takes me over his lap while sitting on the side of my bed. Other times, he's turned me over his lap while sitting on a...
  7. S

    new Wisconsin member

    i just joined. i am a daddy to my adult baby wife. im new to all of this and trying to learn more as a good daddy
  8. L

    Hi! Happy to be here!

    Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’ve been a “lurker” probably for something around 6 years since I discovered this community. I’ve always struggled with the truth about myself, accepting my Abdl has been very hard but I’ve recently made a lot of progress and that why I decided to register and...
  9. BabyPrincessMimi

    Upsetting first time wearing an adult diaper

    So I'm new here and I have no idea how to write this or if my Daddy is going to be mad that I did. But I feel like I need to get it out. Is that so bad? I wore a diaper for the first time last night and to be honest I enjoyed the experience. But later that night I told my Daddy about it and...
  10. T

    Daddy and me: Diaper buying

    So... my daddy and I have been having small discussions about diapers. He knows I want to buy them, but every time that I do; I decide then I chicken out last second, Goodness; how do I justify myself and my want to just be little. I really am not home too often due to work, but winter is...
  11. OriginalT

    Question for the Caregivers

    How did you Caregivers become a Caregiver in the first place? have you always felt a maternal way about friends and relationships or were you introduced to this community via a friend or significant other and just decided to stay? Id really like to know, since it is sorta a strange thing to do...
  12. E

    Meeting daddies?

    Is there a good place on this site to meet daddies? I'm brand new to the place, so I was hoping for some help.
  13. D

    ABDL girl and Daddy stories?

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking for abdl girl and daddy stories. They can be from other sites or anything. Or any theme (like maybe fanfic or something) I just want something cute, nice and comforting (or kinda mature)
  14. DaddyScott40

    Hello, from Melbourne, Australia.

    Hey everyone. Ex-kiwi now living in Melbourne, Australia! I would identify myself as a Daddy/carer of littles (I have had relationships such as this in the past and really adore have a girl of my own and taking care of her! Love to meet/connect with others here, get to know people and maybe find...
  15. D

    Adelaide Australia - Daddy DL

    Hi all By way of a brief introduction here is a summary of what I'm interested in: I love to travel, watch movies and in particular ones in the scifi/fantasy genre, and hang out with friends. I live near a national park, so I like to get out and walk through that, and I'm in training for a...
  16. hellokitty1512

    Daddy and I made a Build a Bear closet!

    My build a bear closet. Daddy and i hung up all the clothes and fixed the shelves to organize the stuff
  17. D


    I don't know about you guys but I tend to switch from baby to mommy often. Like, there's a male friend I talk to and sometimes I'm in the mood to baby him (even though he's not ABDL) and sometimes I want him to baby me. Do you guys go through something similar too?
  18. S

    Responsibilities of a daddy?

    Hi, i've been on here a few weeks and talking to a really nice little girl about being a little/middle. I think i'd like to take it further (being a daddy) but want to know what a daddies responsibilities are. From what i gather it's stuff like snuggles, nappy shopping, nappy changing...
  19. P

    How to be a better daddy

    Hi everyone! So I just told my hubby about my little / ABDL side and he is totally supportive and wants to learn more. Pleeease give him any advice you can. Here’s a message from him:::: Hello all, I would like to learn how to become a Daddy, and learn more about this lifestyle and/or fantasy...
  20. YoungNRebellious

    The Daddy’s Compendium To Interacting With His ABDL Boy

    An ongoing WIP project by Young'N'Rebellious! I've divided the following into 4 categories - Ideas (To be split into Fun Ideas and Punishment Ideas), Activities, Things To Say (To be split into Positive/Reassuring Things and Not So Positive/Teasing Things), and Advice & General ABDL...