1. babadada

    Reflections on four months as a professioanl daddy.

    Hello all As some of you know I’ve been working as a daddy. I’m four months in and I thought I’d share a few thoughts. I might add to this thread over time as I continue my journey, but here’s a few things I’d like to share: 1) littles are the best - I’m in my late 30s and been around the...
  2. BabyBobbie

    Baby daddy

    Is there anyone who has a daddy that takes care of them like the baby they are.
  3. babadada

    section for mummies/daddies/carers

    I really wish there was a section specifically for Mummies, daddies, and carers. I am a bit useless with tech and computers, but I’ve always found a bit difficult to find other carers on this site. Also, it is be good for Littles to be able to find us a bit easier, which having a separate...
  4. babadada

    Experience with professional carers

    I've just started out as a professional carer and wondered how littles have gotten on when they’ve had time with carers they hired to session with (I’m in UK). My own experience when I was a little was mixed and felt because many aren’t ABDL themselves they don’t understand what it is to be a...
  5. babadada

    New daddy/carer saying hi

    Hi everyone Really nice to find this forum. I'm starting out as a daddy to a little and I'm hoping to get to know some littles and carers. I want to be the best daddy/carer I can be to my little and find out more about the ABDL community. It's a long story but basically I've been a pup player...
  6. AmberRaven

    Mommies vs Daddies.

    Controversial but realistic take. Started this thread when I wanted to respond to another one, but decided this would be more appropriate. Everyone has their own preferences whether mommy or daddy. But in the abdl space from what i have seen, mommies are very rare and you're very lucky if you...
  7. LittleRosey

    How to find a Mommy/Daddy?

    I'm very new to the ABDL community. Nobody knows I'm into this and I prefer to keep it that way, but I'm very confused as to how people are able to get in touch with others who are also into it and are able to find a Mommy/Daddy without being in an actual relationship with them? I haven't really...
  8. Swows

    So what do you lot (want to) call your caregivers?

    I am talking with a little atm and we're discussing pet names, she doesn't know what she'd use for me.
  9. S

    ABDL daddy Christmas

    Good evening. I stole my daddy’s account! Lol Wondering what are some good ABDL daddy gifts I could purchase for my husband for Christmas? I’m at a loss. Thanks, A little :)
  10. JFNUFC1994

    Finding littles

    I’ve been trying to find a little to care for for a long time now and it’s not going well! It seems very difficult, does anyone have any tips or is anyone looking for a new daddy/CG?
  11. JFNUFC1994

    Hey Everyone! I’m new here 😳

    Hey Everyone, I’m glad to have found a forum for like minded people like myself! I’d like to just post a little introduction about me, if you’d like to have a read through and also say hey back with an introduction of yourself, I’d be super grateful as I can’t wait to stay meeting new people 😛...
  12. Bunziez

    Missing my Daddy…

    my boyfriend is my ‘daddy’. he has been pretty much since we started dating. on days when i was home alone, i’d sneak him into my house and we’d have a daddy-little day together. i have old toys and store-brand pull up diapers that i would use. he’s only seen me padded up once, but is very...
  13. LilPierre

    ABDL Daddy/Mummy

    Hi all! Does anyone on here have a ABDL daddy or mummy? I have now had a daddy for almost a year now, I came across him via telegram and we just started talking and he said he was local too and he also mentioned he already had a little too so it ended up with me saying I would be happy to have...
  14. HunterGreen2

    San Diego mature little Daddy's boy

    Hello, I am a mature diapered sleep wetter here in San Diego. I sometimes wear a diaper during the day if I'm going out. My night diaper is Crinklz. It would be great if San Diego littles and care takers would organize regular meets at restaurants, on zoom, or even group camping here in San Diego.
  15. lukethefur

    Daddy and Little Trouble (Relationship advice)

    Hey all, firstly just a warning that this post is going to be long and quite personal so if you do read through it, well done and thanks. I realise I come off as controlling, but please try and be empathetic in your responses. These are very fresh wounds for me So, I guess the main thing I'm...
  16. Jonjon


    Yes, I know...on our bottoms. ;) What I'm really asking is - for those of us who still get spanked for misbehaving - in what location does it happen? For me, Daddy mostly takes me over his lap while sitting on the side of my bed. Other times, he's turned me over his lap while sitting on a...
  17. S

    new Wisconsin member

    i just joined. i am a daddy to my adult baby wife. im new to all of this and trying to learn more as a good daddy
  18. L

    Hi! Happy to be here!

    Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’ve been a “lurker” probably for something around 6 years since I discovered this community. I’ve always struggled with the truth about myself, accepting my Abdl has been very hard but I’ve recently made a lot of progress and that why I decided to register and...
  19. BabyPrincessMimi

    Upsetting first time wearing an adult diaper

    So I'm new here and I have no idea how to write this or if my Daddy is going to be mad that I did. But I feel like I need to get it out. Is that so bad? I wore a diaper for the first time last night and to be honest I enjoyed the experience. But later that night I told my Daddy about it and...
  20. T

    Daddy and me: Diaper buying

    So... my daddy and I have been having small discussions about diapers. He knows I want to buy them, but every time that I do; I decide then I chicken out last second, Goodness; how do I justify myself and my want to just be little. I really am not home too often due to work, but winter is...