1. N

    Nappys wearing

    Hi .y names Russell I've been a dl for many years and never meet anger wearer to chat to and of course must be in nappys at the meeting either discreet or waist band showing be nice to be what I am and enjoy chatting about anything the only thing is I'll be wearing my potty so no stop gaps for...
  2. ABAlex2

    Sarah and Elise

    Elise and Sarah were walking through a park, hand in hand. The sun was shining brightly, but the air still carried the cold of winter. Snow piled around them, and Elise stopped to admire the crystel white reflecting on tree branches. "Look!" she said to Sarah, pointing at one of the branches...
  3. SparkleBunny

    Favorite beauty products?

    I just got some from my aunt and uncle. As well as from my mom. They were presents for my birthday. I'll only tell you a few things I got. From Aunt and Uncle I got nail design pictures. I mostly got nail stuff. From my mom I got hand creams, face masks, lip balm, and sample things. One hand...
  4. D

    Let's build the perfect diaper

    So I recognize that the adult baby diaper market seems to just be a bunch of the same stuff. All of the diapers seem to be the same shape whether it's the wrap around padding or the pictures of babies or animals also wearing diapers down to the thick plastic/poly backing and wide but short...
  5. LittleBunnyTanya

    Introduction Time!

    Hi! I'm Tanya. Well, that's my alias, anyway. :P I'm an 18-year-old, female babyfur/little. I enjoy drawing and writing (on occasion). Don't feel shy to ask for an art trade! :) My little age can range anywhere between 1-3ish... there are times when I feel more little than others. But, I think...
  6. L

    Ramblings, and Questions for my fellow littles!

    So lately I've been noticing that when i feel little, I'm really very honest. Adult me has many faces. She's ruthless, and tricky, and calm and collective, and will lie if she has to. But little me is quite sweet and innocent, and well she doesn't have anything against lying, but she just...
  7. KittyninjaW

    I hate things I cannot control

    Hello everyone, First off I am having problems accepting myself, and It is effecting my family, Mostly becuse I don't know what myself is I don't know If I am trans or a little girl or a sissy. But One thing I do know is that I want to be a little girl and wear diapers all day and be doted on by...
  8. KittyninjaW

    I think I am part Sissy and Part Little Girl

    Hello everyone, To be honest, I think I am part sissy and part Little, Part Sissy, because I really like the subversion of gender roles, and wearing girls clothes and being dominated by females, but Part Little because I really like diapers and my clothes being cute and pretty, and I like dolls...
  9. Sheepies

    Anyone have any pets?

    What kind of pets do you have / want? Pics are very welcome! I have: 2 sheep (Azazel + Toriel) 1 cat (Keiko) 1 ferret (Skyy) pics included <3 Would like a hamster, but I think I have enough animals for now :sweatdrop:
  10. D

    Has anyone seen this?

    This may just be one of the strangest and most sickeningly cute things I've ever seen.
  11. ABAlex2

    The Carelsonton Cuddle Club

    Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building. That building was a tall steel and...
  12. P


    Hello, I am new to this forum and decided I should introduce myself. My name is Nicholas. I love wearing diapers but perfer the baby diapers because of the look and smell. Pampers seems to be my favorite design. Altough sadly its hard for me to fit in baby diapers anymore. Blanket sleepers are...
  13. InTheOtherWorld0412

    A Diaper Brand

    When I was looking on tumblr, I saw some lovely and cute designs of hearts and purple circles and peace logos on a feminine nappy on a photo. I wish to buy these in the UK, where about and what is the brand? Source link:-...
  14. Shyanne

    Cute, kiddy comforters.

    I'm not sure..if this belongs in off topic or what. But I'm looking for a adorable, cute kiddy comforter. A specific one. I tried contacting the person who posted the pic but they never answered me. Does anyone know maybe what brand this comforter is or like where I can buy one? Please? Im sorry...
  15. KittyninjaW

    It would be nice to be a flower girl.

    Hello, me again. Anyway sometimes I think it would be nice to become a sissy flower girl for a wedding, and feel very feminine, and stuff. Anyone else think that.
  16. ABAlex2

    A Big Girl

    “But Daaa-ddddyyyy!!!” the red-headed girl whined, giving her best pout. “No, I already told you Kacey, the bunny is staying behind,” her ‘daddy,’ a tall blond haired and blue eyed man, said. She cuddle the stuffed bunny under her chin, kissing its head. “But he’s so cuddly and loving,” she...
  17. ABAlex2

    Three Little Diaper Girls

    Carissa glanced awkwardly around at the group of young women. Though they were in a group, each seemed to be standing alone, avoiding eye contact with the others and blushing if noticed. The source of their discomfort was fairly clear. They had each just been changed into a new set of clothes...
  18. ABAlex2

    Cutie Baby

    (In case anyone is wondering, "Cutie" is the ABDL name of Kota, a 22 year old girl who requested these stories. Most of the other characters are people from the community or my other stories) Part 1: The Birthday Party I sit on the couch, reading the newspaper as Cutie played with her toys. Or...
  19. ABAlex2

    Loser's Fate, Chapter 1

    The game advanced along steadily. Each player move their pieces with extreme caution and precise judgment. There could be no mistakes, no play backs. It was this weeks bet, after all. "Well I think SOMEONES underestimated their opponent" Sarah smiled as she moved a knight forward. She was a...