custom clothing

  1. B

    Where Can I buy solid color onesies wholesale?

    I am looking to start a business making custom, iron on vinyl, adult onesies; However, I cannot find blank, solid color onesies for purchase. I looked on Alibaba, but all I could find are onesies that are already printed. Does anyone know where I can purchase wholesale, solid color adult onesies?
  2. F

    Huggies diaper pants

    so I have been enamored with diapers since I was very young, but I am not attracted at all to adult style diapers, or even the juvenile themed diapers like crinklez and paws. I have spent a good portion of my life trying to figure out how to make "real" (imho) diapers fit a big guy like me. A...
  3. T

    Ab/dl clothing

    Just a question for all out there. Would anyone be interested in baby themed or plain custom clothing? Meaning u can choose the fabric. These clothes would bee in teen and adult sizes. Also they dont have to be babyish but could be nuetrel, used for holding diapers in place and hidden
  4. NatetheDragon

    Onesies: Does anyone have a custom-made onesie?

    Hey, NatetheDragon here! I'm looking to have a onesie custom made! Where's the best place to get one? I'm looking for something preferably under $100 and of fairly high quality. If you want to see what I have in mind, I threw together a reference for what I want it to look like: Also, do any...
  5. S

    Any opinions on the best place to buy made to order AB clothing?

    Hey there guys, I was looking for a little help in finding someone to bring a few of my outfit ideas to life. What I'm looking for isn't exactly what one would consider babyish, more toddler oriented, so Ebay has really thrown me through a loop. It seems everyplace I look for a pair or...