1. Argent

    Would you like ABU to do a run of classic SDKs or Cushies?

    Hi peeps, Who would like ABU to make another run of original SDKs or Cushies and if so what features are a must for you?
  2. Argent

    ABU SDKs/Cushies/Lavender front waistband yay or nay?

    Hi peeps, I know this comes up a bit in discussion and ABU can and should be able to do whatever they want with their products but just for fun (and probably my own OCD) what would you like ABU to do with their 2 tape diapee range? Be fabulous if you could also answer the poll if any of the...
  3. C


    As I am down to only 2 goodnites left, I am wanting to get some more diapers. Although I have plenty of baby diapers and training pants, they don't really fit me so it's hard to be able to use them. :( I love the designs and the smell of baby diapers especially Pampers but unfortunately only...
  4. P

    Hello! First time wearing adult baby diapers.

    Hi, just introducing myself. I'm Justin, a 23 year old abdl. Currently trying out my first abdl diapers! Rearz safari and ABU cushies. Love them!
  5. R

    Small diapers?

    Hello! So recently I've been wearing more and more and I'm realizing that medium diapers in the Bambino Bellissimo and the Cushies are to big in the gusset area. Waist is alright but because they're so big when I wet and they bunch up I have major leakage around the insides of my legs...
  6. DLMunky

    Anyone ordered from ABU lately?

    As the title says, have you successfully ordered from ABU recently ? I plan on ordering diapers from several different companies, ABU being one of them (maybe). Between speculation on ADICS and Cushies still out of stock until September..?? I don't know if I would be safe ordering some more...
  7. tomviper000

    Difference in ABU diapers

    Is there any difference in the different ABU diapers (other than the cloth covered one and the print designs)? And if so which one does everybody prefer and why?
  8. DLMunky

    Vote now for new furry diaper style

    Recently ABUniverse reached out to three very talented artists and asked them to share their ideas for a new baby fur diaper design for ABUniverse to produce as our next high-quality adult diaper: the ABU Furry Diaper. Each of the three artists came up with a great design in its own right...
  9. BabyRyu

    A big story on bigger diapers

    **HEY YOU! I know that this is a long post, (I have a lot on my mind about this whole thing!) If you don't feel like reading the whole thing I understand, so I left stars by the question(s) I ask at the end so that you can still help out! Thanks! <3 Hello my fellow AB/DLs ^ - ^ Well I must...
  10. FievelandTonyAB93

    Out of diapers for now

    Well it seems like I ran out of diapers to wear and use as a potty. My last diaper, which I didn't go pee or poop in, had its right tape ripped when I took it off and my diaper from before stunk up when I pooped in it. Of course farting took place before the pooping. I won't have time to buy...
  11. FievelandTonyAB93

    Received my diapers

    Got my Cushies diapers two hours ago and I can already tell how delighted and excited I am!!! The BabyFresh scent that was added in the diapers smelled really sweet and so babyish that this whole thing reminds me of my old baby days. I put on one of the diapers, but not before applying...
  12. Piplup

    ABU vs. Bambino

    Hello, everyone! So I'm thinking about ordering diapers online for the first time and would like to order from AB Universe or Bambino. My question is, who has the better product? To be more specific, I'm trying to decide betweeen the Bambinos with the teddy bear prints, and ABU Super Dry Kids...
  13. D


    Just got my ABUcushies in today all I have to say is I love them. Man these things hold a ton, I've been in this one for like 4 hours and let 3 or 4 decent sized wetting. It might be more but I don't remember, If you're like me and only get baby diapers switch to ABUcushies and don't worry...
  14. D

    First time buying from AB universe

    So I just bought a 10pk of cushies from AB universe and I really want to know are they worth it? Also how is the shipping because I am really hoping to get them next Wednesday.
  15. L

    wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

    ok, i was talking to a friend who is a AB/DL he is my big bro, i asked him what would happen if my diaper would leak and my pants get wet at the mall, he told me he would go and change me and let my in just a cushies diaper and a shirt and walk around the mall in just that, but i dnt know if...
  16. Transponyprincess

    Should I try adult diapers or stick to Goodnites?

    I'm considering giving the adult diapers you can only buy online a try, but I'm a bit concerned about whether or not they will fit. My choice is going to be either Bambinos or ABU Cushies with the most babyish design they offer. I am well aware from having read other threads on here that ABU has...
  17. A

    ABU cushies?

    So im new to this sort of thing. sorry if I do it wrong but i just bought my first tb/ab outfit and cant really wear it until i have diapers. So i was wondering what everyone thought about ABU cushies. Are they any good? And also there seems to be some scandal about AB universe, and I was...